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How to advertise an event

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Planning an event can be less overwhelming if it is done in advance. It is even much easier when you have a team willing to assist and contribute to different tasks. Event planning incorporates broad disciplines and as such requires full cooperation among teams involved. Marketing this events require the right strategies and tool in order to guarantee success. Basically, event advertisement can be classified into four broad sections; the pre-event advertising, promotion during the event and post-event advertising. Pre-event marketing is where you identify what you want to achieve through the marketing such as driving ticket sales. The goals should be set in advance and communicated to the team members earliest possible. The next thing at this stage is to identify what to measure and how to do it. One may decide to measure social media impression, clicks-rates on emails, paid ads performance among others. Identifying the target population is also very important as it enables you to come up with the right channels.

Promotion during the event is important if one intends to maintain business, make it lively and relevant. This is specifically done to target those interested in the event but could not attend for various reasons. It can be done through live tweets, live blog or even live to stream. The final part is the post-event marketing. Ensure you make a collection of the current event photos, testimonials, feedback and videos which will be valuable in promoting your next event.

Creative ways to market an event

Depending on the targeted audience, there are a number of tactics that can be used to advertise an event. They include;

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