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Steps to becoming an event planner

The event planning industry is continuously rising in profits over years. These professionals plan events for corporations, hotels, non-profit organizations and other social events such as weddings and parties. Event planning requires hard work and creativity and after gaining experience one may pursue the Certified Meeting Professional credential administered by the CIC (Convention Industry Council). People with this qualification are recognized globally and are seen as leaders in the event planning industry. To become a certified event planner, the following steps need to be followed.

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Step 1: Make a decision on the kind of event planner you would want to be

Make a choice on whether you prefer being a general event planner or narrow down to the more specific type of events such as a wedding or sports events.

Step2: Go to trade shows and conferences

It helps one understand the cons and pros in the industry by talking and interacting with professionals. It will also assist in making a decision on the type of event planning you would want to pursue.

Step 3: Know the duties of an event planner

Before even going through formal education, it is important that one understands the duties and responsibilities involved. It is an involving role and thus one needs to assess their abilities in relation to being an event planner.

Step 4: Gaining relevant training and experience

Before enrolling for training, you can try working in event planning as it will help you understand the industry much better and make an informed decision. After that, enroll for a bachelor's degree which is the minimum qualification for this kind of job. Finally, create a well-built portfolio and include all relevant experience that may interest certifying bodies. Also, keep a record of all events planned through photos or videos for use by future clients.

Step 5: Get Certified and Working as an Event Planner

The final step is contacting trade organizations related to the industry in order to complete a certification program with a good association. Belonging to a trade organization enables one to expand networks and meet new clients. With all the steps fulfilled, start work as a certified event planner.

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